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Research and laboratory tools

We provide convenient tools and materials for all research and laboratory purposes, as well as for pathological and tissue staining applications.

Our Liquid Blocker pen creates hydrophobic barriers and our Tube Checker pen allows water- and alcohol-resistant marking. These and other Daido Sangyo products are widely used in laboratories around the world.
  Research and laboratory tools

Overview of our research and laboratory tools



Our product "Liquid Blocker Super PAP Pen" has been discontinued due to the discontinuation of raw materials.
Please use this new product "A-PAP Pen" for users who had used "Liquid Blocker Spur PAP Pen".
Tissue Capture
Tissue Capture Produces an ultrathin adherent coating for use with sample sections.
Bio-Imager Pen
Bio-Imager Pen Easy-to-use autoradiography pen for recording analytical data on DNA ladders prior to exposure to X-ray film.
Mount Quick Aqueous
Mount Quick Aqueous Aqueous mounting medium that maintains superior transparency when fully hardened.
Mount Quick Tube
Mount Quick Tube Non-water soluble mounting medium that does not degenerate or stain the specimen.